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Tracking your social media success

You’ve taken the time to plan out your super slick, social media marketing strategy. Now it’s time to see how things are measuring up.

Some important questions to keep in mind are: when is your audience most active? Which outlet drives the most traffic your way? How far does your message reach?

There are some handy tools out there to help you measure your campaigns. Here are just a few.

  1. Tweriod (not affiliated with Twitter) – This tool is a great way to see when people are most active and letting you know the best times to tweet.

  2. Bitly – Not only can you shorten and track the URLs you post on Facebook & Twitter by generating free reports, Bitly also offers a real-time media map that lets you see who is consuming what media, where in the US.

  3. TweetReach – This one is great to see how far your message is heard. It tells you who is talking about your content, how many people saw it, and who those people are.

  4. Google Alerts – I like this one for keeping an ongoing watch on specific keywords and topics across the internet. News, blogs, discussions, etc. You can set how often you receive a report via email and it’s simple.

  5. IceRocket – Track brand names or keyword mentions across blogs, Twitter, and Facebook. You can do a quick search without creating an account. (At the time I wrote this post, “apple” was the top searched word, followed by “Beyonce”)

That’s all for now!


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