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Has your Maine small business been financially impacted by COVID? Read this (please).

Some of you may know that one of my roles in civic involvement includes a seat on the Executive Board of Southern Maine Regional Planning & Development Commission. When I first became involved with SMPDC, I had only a vague idea of what we actually did. Now, I have a much better understanding and I am pleased to be able to coordinate with this organization. One of the many services SMPDC provides, in addition to the distribution of funds, and often what is more important, is their distribution of information. Our local business groups have been able to share this information with their members with confidence.

Below is one of SMPDC's most recent information updates. Thank you, SMPDC, for helping us spread the word and help keep our local economies running!


SMPDC Region Towns and Partners- 

It has been a week since the Maine Economic Recovery Program was announced! As a reminder, here are all our best resources on the program for you and the businesses you know and serve. 

Most all of this information comes from the state DECD website you can find here. On the site, there are various pieces that will be helpful to businesses that want to apply. Among those are:

I have also included, attached, the flyer we prepared that could be an easy way for you to advertise the program on your website or social media. There is also a helpline and email provided by the state for businesses with specific questions about the application and grant distribution: Please call 1-800-872-3838 and press 3, or email: Lastly, we have a page on our website that links to and provides all of this same information: Thanks all for your help in spreading the word and making sure this program benefits the businesses in our region!


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