Expand your video-based content marketing campaign

Expand your video-based content marketing campaign outside YouTube and find new ways of interaction with your customers.

With an estimated 100 hours of videos added every minute, YouTube continues to be the strongest video website today and it doesn’t look like that will be changing anytime soon. Keep in mind that according to YouTube, 80% of their traffic comes from outside the US.

Here are a few other players that are catching peoples attention and offering new ways to use video marketing:

– Vine: Rather than a video-sharing site, Twitter offers a mobile and desktop app that allows users to post 6 second, looping videos which are said to be shared 4 times more than other online videos (according to Oglivy). If you aren’t sure where to start or how to make the most of your 6 seconds, check out some major brands that are Vine champs like Lowes or Urban Outfitters. To be successful using Vine, regular posting is a must!

– Vimeo: In some ways, comparing YouTube to Vimeo is like a Lexus compared to a Toyota. Both are essentially the same but still very different. This video sharing site offers a niche audience and a refined, professional appeal. A benefit of using Vimeo is that “related videos” (your competitors) aren’t shown when yours is finished playing. Although the viral potential is lower than YouTube, the quality and presentation is the payoff. Oh, and there are no ads which your customers will love!

– Wistia: If you are looking for analytics, calls to action and conversions, this may be a good option for you. Wistia boasts flawless delivery on every device and the least buffering possible. A neat feature offers is one that allows you collect email addresses from viewers at any point during the video play. You can link this tool directly to your current email marketing service (like Constant Contact). “Video Heat Maps” are generated to show you exactly what parts of the videos were skipped, watched and re-watched.

Be sure to offer quality, valuable video content and consistently interact with your viewers to build a community around your product, service or brand. Choosing a local, video producer is a great way to add quality to your business branding. Check your local Chamber for video production services and let me know when you start your video marketing campaign.

Check out our video on how to view the newsfeed as your business page.

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