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Do You Know Your Customer?

I mean, do you really know them?

Knowing who you want your customer to be is one thing, knowing who they actually are, is another.

Do you ask the key questions and then compile that information to create a more accurate picture of who your customers are? Are you hearing what they are saying?

If not, you could be sending the wrong message with your current marketing strategy. I see it happen quite often. A business owner is oh-so-sure that they know their consumer, then they do a customer survey and find out they were totally wrong. I’m not talking about customer satisfaction surveys (although you should be doing this too). I am talking about asking for information about themselves, their habits, things they wish they had or could do. This sort of information will help you develop unique and effective marketing plans to really get the point across to the right people, in the right way.

There are lots of options to survey your customers, online survey companies, telemarketing services, postcards, or you can hire a local company to help you better understand your customers (like Bustle & Grow).

Do you have a question about marketing your business? Just ask!



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