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20 Things you can do today to help your business tomorrow

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Even though the Coronavirus has us all cooped up, there are still many things you can do for your business right now that will benefit you in the near future. 

Here are just a few ideas… 20, to be exact.

20 Things you can to today to help your business tomorrow

  1. Marketing plan – write or revise

  2. Reconcile receipts 

  3. Finish your 2019 taxes 

  4. Research emergency loan options (see below for more info)

  5. Research expanded unemployment coverage – sole proprietors and independent contractors are now eligible

  6. Update your website content or make notes for your web manager

  7. Update and expand upon your business description

  8. Write or update your professional bio

  9. Check and update online profiles

  10. Respond to reviews – Google and Yelp have put a hold on reviews for now

  11. Write new social media posts for the next few weeks

  12. Take new photos of your space or products

  13. Reach out to clients to check-in

  14. Organize your workspace

  15. Listen to professional growth podcasts

  16. Make a list of last years big accomplishments and wins – it’s ok to brag!

  17. Write down new or updated business goals

  18. Watch how-to videos or take online courses to up your game

  19. Design or update your print marketing materials such as business cards, brochures, etc.

  20. Clean out your email inbox



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